About Me Blurb

  lizzy in istanbul, turkey

Having grown up in the suburbs of south-eastern Michigan, I started my design career at Wayne State University in midtown Detroit.

 In 2006, I studied abroad for the academic year in Japan. There, I travelled the country, learned the language, studied the culture and met a fellow student who I would fall in love with and follow back to Texas upon my return. It was a life-changing experience.

After meeting Zach in Japan, I decided to transfer to Texas Tech University and enroll in the CIDA-accredited Interior Design program. In 2009 I hopped on a plane overseas again to Cairo, Egypt where I completed an internship at the growing Architecture and Interior Design firm, Eklego Design. I earned my Bachelor's of Interior Design in 2010 and moved to Houston soon after to expand my career possibilities.

Currently, I am employed with Abel Design Group, a boutique Interior Design and Architecture firm in the Uptown area of Houston, TX. I am so excited to be working with a team that believes in what I believe in: creating design solutions through beautiful, functional, innovative and sustainable means. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and having fun while doing so.